Hey, I’m Rohan.

I’m a transdisciplinary designer; led by curiosity and driven by impact.

I thrive in complexity, designing outcomes that meet a social need.

Co-design a product to make cooking accessible and independent for low-vision users

Typesetting and layout design of Mike Monteiro’s poignant article, ‘Design’s Lost Generation’ in the style of Aperture magazine

Interpreting and visualising data on STREAT’s Youth Programs creating a series of infographics, securing funding from State Government

Mapping alternative approaches to housing, showcasing movements and individual projects

Low-carbon furniture designed and developed for Fringe Festival Melbourne, constructed out of post-consumer cardboard

Service mapping the user journey and various touchpoints of a person who injects drugs accessing health services

A research project investigating case studies of products integrating design ethics, visualised in a conversational format

Application and product development assisting young people in improving their relationship with technology through behaviour change

Developing a new business proposition through market & user research, rapid iterative development and user testing

Helping one of Australia’s biggest banks identify how to better support their customers to recover during the pandemic and into the the future